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Old Junk Car For Cash

Best Way To Junk My Car

At one point or another, you will have to junk your car because it is no longer running. You may be wondering what is the most effortless way to do that. Out of all the junkyards in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, 114 Auto Salvage is the best local junkyard around. Contacting 114 Auto Salvage is […]
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What Constitutes A Junk Car?

The junk car definition is subjective. According to the National Auto Auction Association, junk cars usually have noticeable body damage such as missing wheels, doors, and bumpers; substantial rust; failed brakes or safety equipment; and a burned out engine. Basically there are a lot of different defining factors on what could be considered a junk […]
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How To Utilize Your Local Salvage Yard

If you’re in need of car parts, a salvage yard near you like 114 Auto Salvage is the best place to find them. These yards are filled with various car parts that can save you money over buying a new part from the dealership. Here’s how to get the most out of your local salvage […]
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