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Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Go Local When Choosing A Junkyard

You might be surprised to learn that junkyards do not have to be big national corporations. Most of the time, you can easily find a local junkyard near you. These smaller junkyards are often family owned and operated. While they typically do not have as much money and resources as a large junkyard might, they do have several benefits. Here are the top 11 reasons why you should go local when choosing a junkyard:

1. It Is Quicker To Sell To A Local Yard

While a national Junkyard might take weeks to get to your house. A local junkyard near you can usually get to your house and pick up your vehicle in less than a few days. 114 Auto Salvage does same day or next day pickup at the latest. Additionally, we always offer free towing even if you have more than a couple of cars. Selling your junk car to a local yard is also much quicker if you have an older car and attempt to sell it for retail. This is especially true if the car has high miles and may have trouble passing inspection- so if you think your car may be past its prime, call us to junk it today.

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2. Easier To Get To Than A National Yard

If you prefer to drop your car to our yard rather than have us pick it up, your more than welcome to tow it or drive it in yourself. Most national yards don’t have a local yard nearby where you can drop off your vehicle. This is why junkyards near you are usually the best way to go. If your planning to bring the junk car to 114 Auto Salvage- please come between the hours of 10am to 6pm to our location. One of our buyers will help you fill out a Bill Of Sale, hand you the cash in an envelope once we make sure the car is complete and you can be on your way in under 10 minutes. We do not pay any extra if you decide that you want to bring the car into the yard rather than having it picked up by one of our tow trucks.

3. Free Towing

Another great benefit to junking your car at a junkyard near you is that local junkyards usually offer free towing, whereas the big national junkyards usually charge you for pick up. So going local saves you time and money. 114 Auto Salvage always offers free towing.

4. It’s Much Easier To Screen Them

Junkyards near you are most likely going to have more recent and legit reviews rather than a national junkyard. This is because local junkyards usually have to compete with one another and they try to provide a better service than their competitors to gain your business. This makes it much easier for you, the customer, to find one that will give you a fair price for your car right off the bat. 114 Auto Salvage always offers competitive pricing based on the market rate.

5. Family And Friends Have Most Likely Used Them Before

If you plan on using a junkyard near you, your friends and family are more likely to recommend one who is local to them and has junked a car with them before. Most often then not, if you live near 114 Auto Salvage, you will have a family or friend that has used them before. A national yard is much less likely to be used by someone that you know.

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6. It’s Easier To Resolve Any Issues That Arise

If there is any issue that arises when you sell to a junkyard near you, it’s much easier for them to resolve the problem than a national junkyard. This is because junkyards near you probably don’t have 10’s of thousands of customers all across all 50 states. So if something does come up with your car, 114 Auto Salvage will most likely be able to resolve the issue a lot quicker than a national yard would.

7. Your Supporting A Local Business

When you sell your junkyard near you, you are helping support a local business. This might not seem like much to most people, but for the community it is important because local junkyards help provide many jobs for the area and help keep money in the community by recycling metals and serving as an automotive recycling solution. 114 Auto Salvage is proud to be a small business that helps recycle auto parts.

8. They Serve The Community And Enhance The Local Economy

Local junkyards help improve the local economy by providing jobs, buying scrap metal and paying taxes on their business. This is why junkyards near you are important to our community’s economic health. While national junk yards also help out the economy, they do not improve the local economy as much as 114 Auto Salvage and other local junkyards.
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9. They Employ People From The Community

When junkyards near you recycle old cars, they create jobs for people in the area. A junkyard needs many people to help salvage old vehicles, so people nearby are given the opportunity to earn an income and support their family. Many local junkyards like 114 Auto Salvage take great pride in providing jobs to many locals who live around us.

10. Your Less Likely To Get Swindled

Local junkyards usually have a better reputation with the community, so you are less likely to get swindled. As mentioned above, it is also easier to find more reliable sources both in person and online, in terms of the legitimacy of a local junkyard like 114 Auto Salvage, rather than a national junkyard.

11. They Offer A More Personalized Experience

You will receive a more personalized experience when you sell your car to a junkyard near you compared to selling it to a national junkyard. When 114 Auto Salvage buys a junk car, we always pay top dollar for your car and make sure that process is as smooth as possible. We understand that selling a car can be stressful and we like to make it as easy as possible to accommodate your needs.
In short, junkyards nearby offer many more benefits than junkyards found on a national level. That’s why 114 Auto Salvage encourages locals to sell their car to a local junkyard. When you sell your car to us, you help the local economy and get the best cash offer. So don’t wait, call us to junk your car today! 978-396-2448.
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