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7 Tips To Help Your Kid Learn The Importance Of Recycling

Recycling is not a new concept. It started as far back as ancient Greece and the first recycling was done by people who would take scraps of metals and melt them down to create pots and pans. Even then, recycling helped reduce pollution because they didn’t have to keep mining the areas for more metal. Fast forward many years later, and recycling has become even more important due to the simple fact that many more items exist that can and should be recycled; for example when you scrap your car for cash, 114 Auto Salvage is able to recycle all of the metal, plastic, rubber and glass on the car.
Recycling is not always an easy concept for kids to grasp, especially if they are still in preschool or elementary school. However, by introducing them at the young age, they will be more likely to take recycling seriously when they need to do it for themselves.
Here are 7 simple tips to help you teach your kids the importance of recycling:

1. Start Young

Kids are able to start learning about recycling at a very young age. Even if they can’t always understand it, you can still take the time out to explain the importance of recycling to them. It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to grasp. Simply saying that everything has its own life cycle, and that recycling helps reduce pollution will be enough for them to start understanding what recycling is all about. When they get a little older- explain that many different things can be recycled. For example you can recycle something as small as a plastic bottle- or something as big as a car bumper when you sell your car for scrap to 114 Auto Salvage.
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2. Let Them Help Out

One of the best ways to teach your kids that recycling is important is by involving them in the process. Allow them to help you separate recyclable materials from others and make sure they know exactly what it means when something is recyclable. Here at 114 Auto Salvage, recycling is a part of our everyday life because there are always people that need to sell their car for scrap. We receive new scrap cars everyday and are able to recycle most of each car that we get. Even though your child does not work at a junkyard, does not mean you can’t teach them the importance of recycling daily.
Many people worry about asking their children to help with the recycling because they think it will be difficult for them, but involving kids in this process will make them feel like they are doing something worthwhile.

3. Lead By Example

Kids learn well by watching others, but even more importantly they learn from what they see their own parents doing. For example, when you decide to scrap your car for cash to 114 Auto Salvage, you are showing them a less conventional way of recycling. The things you do will help them shape how they think in the future when it comes to recycling, so make sure you are always practicing what you preach.

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    4. Make Recycling A Game

    Many kids don’t like recycling because it can get tedious. This is also true when it comes to recycling at salvage yards like 114 Auto Salvage. When you scrap your car for cash, it gets taken to our junkyard in Middleton. Our yard workers have to work very hard to make sure each part of the car is properly recycled. However, we believe that making recycling a game for your kids can really help them enjoy the process. Maybe they can collect stickers by doing simple things such as separating aluminum cans from plastic bottles. When they get a certain amount of stickers, reward them with their favorite toy or play their favorite game with them. This way, recycling feels more like a fun challenge than a chore.

    5. Educate Yourself

    One of the best ways to teach your kids about recycling is by educating yourself. 114 Auto Salvage wants parents to know that education comes from many different things- magazines, books, even television shows can give you valuable insight as to where and how you should recycle the products you use every day. For example, you can ask any 114 Auto Salvage employee about what happens when you sell your car for scrap and how separate parts of the car get recycled. By asking questions and getting useful info, you can answer your child’s questions about the importance of recycling.
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    6. Talk About Alternatives to Recycling

    When you sell your car for scrap, 114 Auto Salvage wants to make sure that all parents know there are many different ways besides recycling to help reduce waste. 114 Auto Salvage recommends that every parent takes time out of their day to teach their children about the effects of pollution and how it can be minimized. For example, you can plant trees or use alternative energy sources such as solar energy with your child. Talking about all the different ways to reduce pollution is just as important as recycling itself, recycling is just one of the things they can do to help the environment.

    7. Take them to 114 Auto Salvage when you Are Looking For Spare Parts For Your Car

    Even if you are not ready to sell your car for scrap to 114 Auto Salvage, we suggest that you should still show your kids the inside of a Salvage Yard. For example, if you are looking for a couple of tires, you can show your child that you can get a good pair of used tires by going to 114 Auto Salvage. We suggest waiting until your child is at least 11 or 12 to bring them directly to the yard. It is also important to call our office beforehand to make sure you only come with your child when the yard is not moving cars around. We believe that if you want your child to understand how recycling works, showing them a real life example is the best way to go about it. By following these helpful suggestions, 114 Auto Salvage hopes you can help your child learn the importance of recycling. We also want to remind you that we are always available to answer any questions you might have about where and how 114 Auto Salvage scrap yards dispose of items. Give us a call at 978-396-2448 if you have any questions or are looking to scrap your car for cash.
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