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Automotive Businesses Are Taking On Waste Reduction In These 9 Ways

For almost 100 years, the automotive industry has been a major part of the American way of life. Not only do people depend on vehicles to get them from Point A to Point B, but they also like to personalize and add features in order to make their car or truck unique and one-of-a-kind. Unfortunately, this means more waste and sometimes more car parts taking up lots of landfill space.
However, junkyards like 114 Auto Salvage and automotive companies are taking action to reduce waste and recycle parts. Here are 9 ways automotive businesses and junkyards near you are reducing waste:

1. Designing Vehicles Using Renewable Resource

One way automotive companies create a greener environment is by using recyclable materials in the design of their vehicles. Car manufacturers are able to get these recyclable materials because of scrap yards near them such as 114 Auto Salvage. Scrap metal such as steel and aluminum can be recycled and used in the production of vehicles. The steel, for example, has to be hot-rolled steel with a specific range of chemical composition. 114 Auto Salvage is able to provide car manufacturers with these recyclable materials so they can create new vehicles, while still remaining sustainable in their practices.
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2. Recycling And Reusing Car Parts

While 114 Auto Salvage is one of the top destinations for automotive recycling, it is not the only place junkyards recycle car parts. Car manufacturers are taking advantage of scrap yards near them to keep their company green and sustainable. 114 Auto Salvage supports the recycling efforts by making sure all materials are disposed of in environmentally-friendly ways through methods such as crushing and separating metals. 114 Auto Salvage is also able to reuse tires, rubber hoses, carpeting, and batteries for other vehicles. We do not just take the parts off a vehicle but we are able to separate different materials from each other so that any material can be reused again.

3. Rent Rather Than Selling

Another way automotive companies are going greener is by allowing more people to rent vehicles from them rather than selling them. There are several reasons why 114 Auto Salvage recommends automotive companies add renting as an option for their business model. First, when a car is purchased by an individual, that means one-time usage of the car. A vehicle will only last for so many years, and then at some point need to be replaced with another vehicle. By allowing a customer to rent out an older car, a car can stay out of a landfill for longer and have more of a chance to be salvaged by a scrapyard nearby. 114 Auto Salvage thinks it best to keep these vehicles in circulation instead of having them sit in landfills.

4. Minimizing Water Usage

Another way automotive companies are reducing the amount of waste is by implementing water conservation methods in their manufacturing processes. 114 Auto Salvage helps by recycling any materials that can’t be reused elsewhere. 114 Auto Salvage recycles water to help reduce the amount of wastewater created when using it in manufacturing practices, which helps in keeping the surrounding communities clean. There are many scrap yards nearby nationwide that also recycle wastewater, so less water can be used when manufacturing new cars.

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    5. Packaging and Parts Distribution

    114 Auto Salvage is not the only scrapyard nearby that recycles materials. We also have many partnerships with other companies. We sell these companies used tires, batteries, and rubber hoses. This helps us diversify our recycling efforts so we can recycle more parts every day. Car manufacturers are taking part in this as well by minimizing the amount of packaging materials used for their parts. 114 Auto Salvage believes in reducing the amount of packaging materials so that they can be reused again in the future. We are able to reuse packaging materials and recycle car parts, so a car dealer or manufacturer can save money on these efforts.

    6. Tracking Waste

    114 Auto Salvage doesn’t just dump used cars and leave them in the yard to rust away. We recycle most materials so we can help reduce environmental impact and remain sustainable in our practices. We track how much material is recycled, so we are able to put the info on the main page to show how much of a difference any nearby salvage yard can make. We believe in helping clean up the environment for the communities surrounding us.

    7. In-House Programs

    114 Auto Salvage is doing its part by recycling all materials that automotive manufactures can reuse. We do this by establishing several in-house programs to ensure we are recycling as much as we can. We believe in reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills and waterways. We are proud to support automotive companies that are trying to reduce the amount of waste they produce. So when a dealership is having trouble selling a car, we hope that they call a scrapyard nearby.

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    8. Establishing a Paperless Office

    114 Auto Salvage and other scrap yards nearby help automotive companies reduce the amount of paper they use by establishing a paperless office. We believe in saving trees and reducing waste, which also helps save money too. We have been able to cut costs by using alternative processes that don’t require as much paper for record keeping. Many automotive dealerships and manufactures are also cutting down their usage of paper and going digital.

    9. Engaging Customers in the Waste Reduction Efforts

    114 Auto Salvage works with customers to help us remain sustainable with every part of our business. Many of our customers are automotive companies who rely on us for quality service and materials that can be reused or recycled. We want our customers to join us by recycling as much material as possible and by having recycling bins at their work stations as well. We want our customers to understand how important recycling is so that is why we are always happy to provide salvageable car parts.
    In short, 114 Auto Salvage and several other scrap yards nearby help automotive companies recycle materials, reuse packaging materials, and bring awareness to our communities about responsible practices. If you want information on how to recycle your junk car, call us at 978-396-2448.

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