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Tips On how To Choose The Right Salvage Yard

When you have a salvage car and want to junk it, the first place most people look is right in their own neighborhood. But, sometimes finding a salvage yard can be a bit intimidating because there are so many options out there. That is why it’s important to know all the factors that go into choosing a salvage yard before taking your first steps.
These are some guidelines for picking a salvage yard near you:
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1. Where are they located?

Sometimes when searching “salvage yard near me” you might find quite a few that are in your state. However, that does not always mean they pick up in your area. For example, 114 Auto Salvage mainly picks up in most of eastern Massachusetts inside the I-495 corridor, as well as Southern New Hampshire (all they way up to Manchester NH). Any car that is located further west, south, north and down on the cape, we may pick up on a case to case basis. So when you call any salvage yard for a quote, it is important to confirm that we pick up in the area where you are located, unless you are able to bring the car directly to the yard.

2. When are they open?

It is important to find a salvage yard near you that is open when you need them. Most salvage yards will be closed after 5:00 pm and on weekends (especially Sunday). So, it’s important to find one close by that has extended hours. 114 Auto Salvage operates 7 days a week, Monday- Saturday 7am-9pm, and Sunday 10am-5pm. So unless there is a major holiday- we schedule cars out everyday for any designated pick up areas. You can pick an hour window of time for your pickup between 10am to 6pm. We can sometimes do later or earlier times if requested when you call a 114 Auto Salvage buyer. As a salvage yard, we try to make your overall experience as quick and easy as possible.

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3. How do they price your car?

When salvage yards are pricing your car, they use a few different factors. First they determine what is wrong with the vehicle, then decide if it’s worth fixing. 114 Auto Salvage and other salvage yards near you also check on the current price of steel, to make sure your car is priced out based on market prices as well. This is especially true if your car will just get scrapped and not be used for parts. Any car from 2007 and up may be worth salvaging for parts if the mileage is under 150k and there is not much wrong with it. In the case that your car may be worth more than just the steel weight, a buyer will go on KBB or NADA to get an average book value on the car. They take that number and add a percentage based on the salvage value. That number is their offer. As a side note, retail pricing is different from salvage or scrap pricing. So, a salvage or scrap offer will be lower than if you were selling the car to someone to pass inspection and drive on the road.
If a price seems much lower or higher than other offers that you’re getting, it is worth getting a little suspicious over the salvage yard’s legitimacy. This is because most salvage yards near you would usually offer a similar price to their competitor. Sometimes, salvage yards do get requests for specific parts off cars, so that might explain the higher than average price. Especially if a price seems much higher, like $250 dollars or more, it is best to ask this salvage yard for their license. This is so you can rest assured that you will really get the money your promised if you deal with them. 114 Auto Salvage always bases the quote for your car on market prices.

4. How Fast Do They Pick It Up?

It’s important to set up a specific time for pickup when you have chosen a salvage yard near you. This is because most yards want to pick up your car as soon as possible. Most salvage yards are able to schedule your car 1-3 weeks out. 114 Auto Salvage is able to offer same or next day free pickup if you are in our pickup area. You can also drop off the car to our salvage yard in Middleton if you prefer. Our yard is open from 9am to 6pm.

5. Do they have a license and Insurance?

It is a good idea to ask salvage yards near you for their license and insurance certificate. In the state of Massachusetts, a salvage yard will have a salvage dealer’s license, as well as a broker’s license number that they can provide if requested. This makes it easier for you because this way you know that the salvage yard has met the necessary legal requirements to buy from you and there are not any problems later when you cancel your registration. 114 Auto Salvage is a fully licensed and insured salvage yard.
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6. What do past customers say about them?

Lastly, salvage yards near you are able to provide reviews from previous customers. These reviews can be found on the salvage yard’s website or through any of their social media accounts that they have. This makes it easier for you to see what other people think about the salvage yard and be sure that what the salvage yard promises is true. 114 Auto Salvage has mainly 5 star reviews that describe the experience as easy, quick and professional.
In short, make sure you pick a salvage yard near you that is able to pick up your car quickly, offer fair prices, provide insurance certificates and licenses for your protection, and have legitimate social media reviews so you know for sure that the experiences from past customers are good. For more information about 114 Auto Salvage, please reach out to one of our buyers at 978-396-2448.
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