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The Junk Car Scrapping Process

When you sell your car for scrap to 114 Auto Salvage, you may think that the whole car just goes to the crusher at the end of its life.
However, there is more to it than this. After all, this isn’t like removing natural garbage like a banana peel that will be returned to the environment. Here is what happens after you hand over the title to sell your car for scrap at 114 Auto Salvage.

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Freon, Tire, And Battery Removal

After you sell your car for scrap to 114 Auto Salvage and it arrives at the yard, 114 Auto Salvage workers take out the freon, battery and remove the tires. You may be wondering what freon is. It is a refrigerant (chemtrail) that is used to provide cool air. There’s no way to move chilly air throughout your car cabin without it. If the battery or tires are salvageable, they will be resold. Owners of junkyards and salvage yards would be pleased to offer parts a new lease on life if their trip isn’t completed. This is a rule of thumb for most junkyard parts.

Liquids Drained And Core Parts Removed

After you’ve sold your car for scrap to us at 114 Auto Salvage and we remove the tires, batteries, and freon; employees will have to raise the car up to drain all of the fluids from it. They will frequently drill several holes to make it simpler to extract the oil, gas, brake fluid, and so on. If possible, the fluids are recycled and used again.
Although a component may not be resold, it does not necessarily have no value beyond its weight in metal. Platinum, for example, is one of the most expensive metals used in automobile catalytic converters. These uncommon elements are utilized to lower a vehicle’s emission level and may be found in everything from new car components to electronics. This is why if you have a particularly valuable catalytic converter in the car and are planning on scrapping it for cash, 114 Auto Salvage may pay you more for your car.

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Last Step Before Crushing The Car

After all the liquids, tires and metals have been removed, your scrap car is ready to be crushed. Before taking the car to the last step- we make sure all the liquids are removed in the car, or else there could be a very bad explosion that could damage the whole yard if the car is put into the crusher with oil still left in it. This can happen because the crusher heats up the metal so much that it ignites the oil, and boom- you’ve got a huge fire on your hands.
The car crusher works by using two large metal plates to squash the car between them. The crusher’s force easily breaks the metal frame and crushes all of the car’s parts.

Crushing The Car

When all of the required elements are removed, it’s time for the final crush. The windows are usually removed from junk automobiles, and the automobile is crushed into a cube shape by a baler. Then, 114 Auto Salvage has people transport it to a scrap metal facility where we sell the metal based on its weight. Every individual vehicle will undergo slightly different treatment, depending on anything from its size to condition, but the main process will be similar if you’re selling the car for scrap.

Fun Facts About Scrapping Your Car

Okay, you may not consider a scrap yard to be particularly entertaining (or these statistics), but here is a list of pretty interesting things that can happen during the scrapping process.

  • It’s conceivable that a dead battery might cause some static during the recycling process. Because the casing must be decommissioned before the lead can be reused.
  • Tires that are no longer in use can be recycled into a welcome mat or given to a playground where they may protect tiny children from hurting themselves or falling down.
  • The plastic components of many newer cars today can be turned into any number of items after it’s been scrapped for cash such as park benches, decking, fencing, and even roofing tiles.
  • Catalytic converters are a valuable part of the recycling process. When 114 Auto Salvage sells a crushed car, the catalytic converter is generally a big part of the price you get when you junk your car for scrap.
  • The recycling and scrap industries are environmentally responsible operations that help to save natural resources. Recycling just one aluminum can save enough electricity to power a television for three hours!
  • We guarantee that 85 percent of your car will be recycled when you scrap your car with us at 114 Auto Salvage.
  • Steel and iron make up more than 60% of automobiles on average. However, the ratios are changing. Your car may be made of a greater amount of plastic and aluminum to improve its performance on the road. There is still a lot of steel and iron on the car, but newer cars are starting to have a mix of other materials as well.
  • Steel and iron are widely used in architecture, infrastructure, construction, new road signs, among other things.
  • Recycling is more popular than ever before, not just because it’s better for the environment but also because it is more efficient. Why go through the trouble of making a new component when old ones can be repurposed? This is why we here at 114 Auto Salvage will give you the best cash offer we can when you sell your car for scrap.
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Are All Scrapped Cars Worth The Same?

No. Although the make and model of a vehicle influences its value, many are worth more because they include in-demand components that command a premium on the market. The cash amount you will receive when you sell your car for scrap is determined by the condition of of these components as well as the content of those components. With Auto Salvage, you can feel confident that we understand how to properly evaluate your car and give a fair price when you sell your car for scrap. Our network is made to be as efficient as possible. We take the headache out of selling your vehicle without skimping on the money that ends up in your pocket by combining our reputable network of partners with our quick service. Call us today for a free quote! 978-396-2448.
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