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10 Fun Facts About Car Removal and Recycling

The junk car removal industry has been around for some time. It has been advancing and developing for decades. Today, junk cars are recycled and reused more than ever.
Car recycling has a huge impact on the environment and helps create many items we use daily in a more sustainable way. Today’s article is going to go through 10 fun facts that let you know more about the importance of the junk car removal and recycling industry.

1. Cars Get Recycled The Most

The automobile is the most recycled consumer product, ahead of any other items that are recycled on a regular basis. According to the junk car removal industry, over 12 million junk cars are recycled every year nationally. 114 Auto Salvage recycles more than 6,000 cars a year.

2. How Many Tons Actually Get Recycled?

The amount of materials that get recycled from wrecked vehicles has been measured to be at least 25 million tons a year. The junk car removal industry is going strong and it’s expected to stay this way for a long time. 114 Auto Salvage recycles over 12,000 tons in a year.
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3. Junk Car Removal And Recycling Has Been Around For Over 75 Years

The Junk Car Removal industry has been around for over 75 years. During World War II, the manufacturing of automobiles halted completely from February 1942 until October 1945. So in order to retrieve parts for combat, junk cars were hauled away from junkyards to either to be shipped overseas or taken apart. They were also recycled into airplane parts and other war machinery. While 114 Auto Salvage is a newer junk car removal company, we follow similar junk car removal practices along with some modern day advancements that help keep the yard running efficiently.

4. Second Hand Parts Are Much Cheaper Than Brand New Ones

Today junk cars are recycled and reused more than ever. The second hand parts that are sold by your local junk car removal company are much cheaper than brand new parts. In fact, they can be up to 80% less expensive. So when you come to 114 Auto Salvage to look for a part, expect to get a great deal on a high quality part.

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5. Why Are Junk Cars Such A Great Material For Recycling?

Junk cars are one of the best materials for recycling. Why? Because junk car parts are made out of steel which is easy to recycle and make new items out of such as appliances, tools and even building materials like concrete and asphalt. 114 Auto Salvage takes junk cars apart and separates them into components such as steel, which get melted down and used to create new materials.

6. Junk Car Removal And Recycling Is The Second Largest Industry In The US

Junk Car Removal Is the 16th largest industry in America. The junk car removal industry employs over 140,000 people working in junkyards all throughout the United States. It also contributes 25 billion dollars to the national GDP.
The junk car removal industry is growing every day as it continues to build new junkyards across the country that buy junk cars from people just like you. 114 Auto Salvage buys more and more junk cars every day, which means our junk car company is always growing.

7.Tires Can Be Reused in Multiple Ways

One of the most recyclable parts of your average automobile is the tire. The recycled material goes on to make sandals, shoes, sports gear, floor mats and even rubberized asphalt for road surfaces. Not only can tires be reused after junk car removal and recycling, but they also help reduce the junkyard’s carbon dioxide footprint by around 12 tons a year. 114 Auto Salvage has a goal of helping reduce our carbon footprint, which will create a better environment for future generations.
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8. No Two Vehicles Recycled Are The Same

No two junk cars are the same. Recycling junk cars is not just taking parts off one junk car and placing them onto another car that needs the same part. 114 Auto Salvage is junk car removal company removes junk cars down to their basic components so everything can be recycled or reused. Cars that have parts past their prime are melted down and made into new parts. Cars that have parts in decent condition are parted out.

9. Recycling Reduces The Need for the Mining Of Natural Resources

Recycling reduces the need for the mining of natural resources such as copper, aluminum and other valuable metals like nickel. The junk car removal industry recycles junk cars by taking out all the reusable parts, whether they be steel or other valuable end-of-life materials that can be used again. Recycling junk cars is a great way to reduce the need for mining new minerals from earth. Earth’s minerals are being extracted faster than they can be replenished, so recycling junk cars is a great way to cut back on that process and keep our environment clean. 114 Auto Salvage keeps an eye on the environment and our junkyard recycles cars every day.

10. The Industry Has Its Own Code Of Ethics

The junk car removal and recycling industry has its own code of ethics. 114 Auto Salvage junk car removal company is a member of the Automobile Recyclers Association. By following this code, junk car recycling companies ensure that they are doing their part to keep junk cars out of landfills and create a greener planet. By recycling junk cars, junk car removal companies are helping keep the environment cleaner.
The junk car removal industry is a lucrative business and it’s here to stay for a long time. Why? Because people will never stop making cars that have reached the end of their usefulness. Which means junk car removal companies are always going to have junk cars to buy. 114 Auto Salvage buys junk cars every day. If you have an old junk car sitting in your driveway or taking up space in your yard, junk it! Call us at (978) 396-2448 to get cash offers on your junk car today. We’ll even haul your junk car away for free, and have it picked up the same day or next day.
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