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8 Signs That You Need To Junk Your Car

There comes a point in a car’s life when it’s time to junk it. Maybe it’s not worth enough money to keep it running anymore, or perhaps it’s simply too old and beat up to be worth having for much longer. Here are 8 telltale signs that it’s time to part ways with your old car.

1. The Cost of Repairs is More Than the Car

While most junk cars don’t run, it could still be costing you money. The cost of repairs alone will be more than the value for your junk car, especially if it has major damages. Keep in mind that junk cars are not only ones that either haven’t been driven in more than a year or that will never run again. There are cars that still run, but they may be considered junk because of damages and would require car repairs before getting the green light to drive it on the road again. If your car has any of these issues, call 114 Auto Salvage! We will be sure to help you remove the car.
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2. Modern Vehicles Dwarf Your Safety Rating

It’s almost impossible to find junk cars on the road today, so if you have one in working condition, there is a big chance that your car is old. While junk cars are not necessarily dangerous because of their lack of technology and safety features, there are some things that can be dangerous about junk cars. For example, junk cars have rusty doors that may not close properly, worn out tires with very little tread left, old bumpers and glass (with plenty of sharp edges). There is a reason why all modern vehicles are made with safety in mind. A newer car rarely has any issues with doors popping open, or getting a flat tire in the middle of the highway. So if the safety features are lacking, it is best to call 114 Auto Salvage so you can get some extra money for your new vehicle.

3. Your Check Engine Light Never Turns Off

If you have an old junk car, you know how annoying it is when your check engine light is on. This junk symbol means that there are errors with either some part of your junk car’s emissions or something wrong with your junk car’s engine. You can usually fix the problem by buying a part to replace it, but if your junk car is already in poor condition due to other damage, spending more money on parts to repair your old clunker isn’t worth it. If you notice other serious issues along with the check engine light, call 114 Auto Salvage to get rid of your old clunker the same day or next day at the latest.

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4. You Lost The Title for Your Car

A junk car can be one that doesn’t run, but it can also be one if you lost your title and are looking to resell it for retail value. You cannot resell your car when you do not have a title because people are not able to transfer a car without a title, so without one, your junk car cannot be driven on the road by another person. In this case, its best to call a junk my car service like 114 Auto Salvage right away because we buy cars without titles on a case to case basis, since we often buy old junk vehicles just to recycle them.

5. You’re Having Kids that Need a Ride

Do you have kids that need a ride or do you live in an area with bad roads? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, it may be time to junk your old car and get a new or used car for you and the family. Having a junk car is more dangerous, especially if you have to drive it on bad roads. If you junk your old junk car and buy a new one or get a used car, the kids will be safer and will help improve your life since they can now get to their activities with ease. Call 114 Auto Salvage to get the job done today.

6. Rust is Destroying Your Car

If your car is rusting away in front of you, then junking your car may be necessary sooner than later. There are parts on your junk car that may still work, but the rust is not only ruining the junk car’s looks, but also it’s functionality. Rust can affect how well your junk car runs and will lead to more costly car repairs sooner than you would like. So if your car’s rust is causing expensive repairs, it is the perfect time to call 114 Auto Salvage.
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7.You Cannot Find The Right Part Because Your Car Is Too Old

If your junk car has one or more parts that are held together with duct tape, junking your car could be necessary. If you junk car is an older model, car parts may be difficult to find. Even car parts for model years close to your junk car aren’t guaranteed to work, so junking your car is best if you can’t find the right car parts. So, if your car is too old to have the proper parts to make it run efficiently, it is time to call 114 Auto Salvage.

8. You Can’t Find a Buyer!

Even if your car still runs and drives and you have a title, you may still have trouble finding a buyer because the car has over 200,000 miles and is starting to rust. Although some cars do run fine over 200,000 miles, many buyers are looking for longevity and less repairs for their vehicle. A car at the end of it’s road will not attract the average person. If your car is not selling, it is best to call a junk my car service like 114 Auto Salvage, we will be able to give you some cash no matter the condition.
In short, if your car is getting too old to be safe on the road, it is best to get a quote from 114 Auto Salvage. We are open from 7am to 9pm Monday-Saturday: our phone number is 978-396-2448. Call us as soon as possible to get a quote in less than 5 minutes.
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