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What You Should Do With Your Car If It Has a Bad Engine

So you’re having engine problems and don’t want to put the money to fix it. You have the title for your vehicle and want to see if you can get the most money selling it there.
While you can sell a car with a bad engine, it is often difficult to find the right buyer especially if the engine may need to be replaced or if there is severe damage to the engine. And even in this case, if you don’t tell the buyer upfront- it is considered illegal and you can get in serious legal trouble for this.
In most people’s eyes, a car with a bad engine is considered a junk car. In this case, you may be better off junking your car for cash to a salvage yard like 114 Auto Salvage. Here are some tips on how to fully diagnose your engine and see if it’s possible to sell it on Facebook Marketplace or if it would be better off at a salvage yard.

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How Can I Tell if My Engine Is Bad?

Sometimes your engine may be bad and you may not know it, but here are some signs that can be due to a variety of engine problems:
Low Power — The fact that your engine isn’t generating enough power is an indication of a host of problems. This engine problem may not necessarily necessitate a complete replacement, but you can be confident that getting it back up and running will require significant repairs. This is something you should let your potential buyer know whether you’re trying to sell it for retail or get cash for it at a cash for junk car yard like 114 Auto Salvage.
Increased Exhaust Smoke — If your automobile creates a lot of exhaust smoke, there’s a good chance that it has significant internal damage. The color of the smoke can also be used to indicate what’s wrong: White — a leak in your engine’s cooling system; Blue — some oil is burning; Black — your engine is consuming too much gasoline. Knowing the type of exhaust smoke will help you find out how serious your problem is and if your car will be worth junking for cash at 114 Auto Salvage.
During oil changes you see synthetic fibers such as metal shavings— This is the red flag for engine health. When oil is poured out, you may notice metal shavings. There’s metal-on-metal contact inside the engine, which indicates there’s a problem. The components are grinding each other down, causing significant wear and tear, and it won’t be long before the engine flatlines entirely and your car is no longer drivable. In this case, it is better to get cash for your junk car at 114 Auto Salvage.
Smoke is coming from the hood— If metal shavings are a red flag, then smoke coming from the hood is an enormous stop signal. Smoke should never be spouting from your car’s hood. If this happens, then you will only be able to get cash for your junk car at 114 Auto Salvage and not sell your car for retail.
These tips should help you diagnose the problem to see if you can still sell your car or you would have to junk it to 114 Auto Salvage. Always get a second opinion on the problem from a trusted mechanic, friend or family member.

Selling Your Car With A Bad Engine

Now that you figured out how bad your engine is, it is time to look at the best possible options when it comes time to sell your car with a bad engine.
While you can try to sell your car on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist without an engine, it is often a tedious process and may not sell at all, especially if the other parts values of the car are not valuable for one individual person.
This is why, in some cases it’s best to get cash for your junk car at 114 Auto Salvage.

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How much does it cost to replace a car engine?

If you’re still wanting to try to replace the engine if your car is newer and has lower mileage, you should definitely get advice from a trusted mechanic whether this would be worth it or not. The cost of rebuilding a car engine depends on many factors. The first is the type and complexity of the engine, since it influences labor costs. The minimum estimate for this service is $4000.
If the estimate you get is much too high to what you can afford right now, it is best to try to get cash for your junk car at 114 Auto Salvage. We specialize in buying less than perfect cars, our buyers have decades of experience so we know exactly what your car is worth and we will tow it for free!

How much can I get for my car with a bad engine?

If you are planning to junk a vehicle to 114 Auto Salvage without an engine- you will most likely be looking at scrap pricing. It also depends on the year, make, model, and mileage of your vehicle. In rare cases, it may be worth more than scrap pricing. For more information on this, please call 114 Auto Salvage at 978-396-2448 and a junk car buyer will answer any of the questions you may have.
sell junk cars for cash

Selling Your Car To 114 Auto Salvage

When you sell your junk car for cash to 114 Auto Salvage, you don’t have to fix a single thing beforehand. Simply call one of our buyers, get a quote in under 5 minutes, and our buyer will put you on the schedule for a free pickup within 24-48 hours! That less-than-perfect car is off your hands and cash in an envelope will be given at the time of pickup as long as the car is complete and the catalytic converter intact.
In short, selling your car with a bad engine can be difficult. But if you are looking to junk a car, 114 Auto Salvage is the best place to go. We will give you cash on the spot for your car and tow it away for free! So, don’t wait any longer and call us today at 978-396-2448.
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