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Is Your Car Scrap or Salvage?

At 114 Auto Salvage, we mainly get cars that can be only sold for scrap rather than salvage. The difference between a scrap and salvage vehicle is that to sell a car for scrap, the vehicle must be economically impractical to repair, whereas if you sell your car for salvage it means that the car is worth parting out and repairing if needed. At 114 Auto Salvage, we ask a couple of important questions to make the best evaluation for the value of your car. Here is how we decide if a car is a scrap car or salvage car.

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What is The Year Make and Model? Do you have The title?

One of the first questions we ask is what is the Year, Make, And Model of your car. If the Vehicle is older than 2006, then you will be looking to sell your car for scrap, which is evaluated based on the weight of the car. Sometimes, the value of the catalytic converter can increase the value slightly. If a car is newer than 2006, it can sometimes be considered a salvage vehicle if the mileage is low enough and there is minimal damage. Any specific questions about your particular car can be geared to any buyer when you call 114 Auto Salvage.
We will also ask you if you have the title because the title is the only proof of ownership for a vehicle. If you sell us your car, we will have to take ownership of it via signing over the title. The person buying the car must be able to get an “As Is” Bill Of Sale verifying that you are selling them your car with no strings attached, which means you don’t owe any money on the car before selling it for scrap or salvage. If you lost your title and only have the registration, we usually can make some exceptions if your vehicle is older and you are a resident of Massachusetts, which means we can look up any liens (aka money owed).


Another question we ask is about the mileage of the car. This sometimes depends on the year and model of a car, but generally speaking; any car 15 years and younger with 150k or less miles may sometimes be considered for salvage because the major parts of the car such as the engine and transmission may be still in good condition, especially if it’s a vehicle that is known to last well over 200k in mileage. If the car does not drive well or at all, the mileage does not matter and the car can only be sold for scrap.

Does it Run And Drive?

In most cases, 114 Auto Salvage considers younger cars that run and drive with mileage lower than 150k to be salvageable for parts. In some cases, if you have a car that has well maintained parts and its a popular model; you may be able to sell it for salvage even if it does not run and drive; however that is usually only the case if it is something minor like a dead battery or a flat tire. Like stated before, most cars that we receive can only be sold for scrap since they are usually older than a 2007 and over 200k in mileage. So if you are on a call with a buyer, feel free to ask 114 Auto Salvage about how we calculate the pricing on your vehicle.

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Is The Car Complete? Is the Catalytic Converter in Tact?

Every buyer from 114 Auto Salvage will ask if your car is complete. This means that your car was not in a major accident, and all the valuable parts are intact such as the engine and transmission. If you were in a minor accident and only got a small dent on your car, we consider the vehicle complete. If the accident was pretty severe and the airbags were deployed, that usually devalues the car, which means it can only be sold for scrap.
Additionally, 114 Auto Salvage always confirms if the catalytic converter is intact. The original catalytic converter helps the car run smoothly and efficiently. So, unless your car was made before 1975, a car without a catalytic converter is most likely not a well running vehicle and worth much less to most salvage yards. A car without a catalytic converter will for sure be sold solely for scrap if a salvage yard agrees to take it. Most of the time, 114 Auto Salvage does not take cars without catalytic converters. However, this depends on some other aspects of your car, so feel free to reach out to any buyer using our main line: 978-396-2448 for any questions you may have.

If A Car is Salvageable, We Always Confirm The Condition

If you describe your car as newer than 2006, drivable, and less than 150,000 miles, we may ask you a few additional questions to see if we can get you a better offer for your vehicle. We ask for pictures of the front, rear, and both sides of the exterior, a few pictures of the interior including the odometer so we can confirm the mileage. We also ask for the front and back of the title to confirm that you are the owner of the vehicle, and the vin number so we can double check the year, make and model and to make sure the vehicle has no liens. If your car is very rusty and does not seem very maintained overall, the price will most likely not go much higher, and you will only be able to sell the car for scrap. If the car is in good condition, it will most likely be considered a salvageable vehicle.
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For Towing Purposes Only, Are There Any Flats On The Car?

This is usually the last question that is asked before the buyer checks the weight of your vehicle to determine the final price. 114 Auto Salvage does not change the evaluation, even if all four tires are flat. We just need to know this so we know to bring a tow truck with a flatbed. While you might see a slight difference with scrap pricing vs. salvage pricing, we never lower the pricing based on your tires.
In short, most of the process that our buyers go through on the phone determines if the value of your car is salvage or scrap. While there is a difference in pricing between the two types of vehicles; 114 Auto Salvage offers the best possible price on a car that is in any condition. Just remember to be honest with us about all damage and conditions of your vehicle so we can get you the best price possible and help you pick up your vehicle in a flash.
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