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Best Vehicle Salvage Yards In Boston

There are many vehicle salvage yards in the Boston Metro Area. If you do a quick google search you can find various salvage yards: reading the customer reviews for each yard will give you a good idea of what services they offer and their pros and cons as a salvage business. Some salvage yards may be dedicated to certain makes and models of vehicles, while others are more generic. No matter what type of vehicle you have, there is a good chance that you can find a salvage yard that can give you a good price for your car or find a high-quality used part.

Below you will find a general overview of vehicle salvage yards in the Boston area and what they offer. Certain salvaging services may be more or less readily available depending on which region of the Boston Metro Area you reside. For example, 114 Auto Salvage offers comprehensive salvaging services within the 495 loop including the greater boston area and southern new hampshire. It is important to contact the yards directly prior planning to use their services in order to confirm that they can help you with your specific salvaging needs.

Salvage Yards In Boston

Some Yards Specialize In Parts

There are vehicle salvage yards that specialize in specific parts for certain vehicle types, such as classic cars or trucks. These yards often have a wide selection of parts for various models and years and can be very convenient if you need your vehicle to be restored with original or close-to-original parts.

On the other hand, 114 Auto Salvage specializes in processing vehicles and keeping cars newer than 2007 on the lot for parts. While we do have a smaller selection, you can always call us for a part. A parts representative will review our current inventory list and let you know if we have the requested part in stock currently or plan to have the part in the near future. We occasionally carry vintage cars from the ’60-’90s as well. Give us a call today and a parts representative will assist you promptly.

Vehicle Salvage Yards That Offer Vehicle Removal Services

Most vehicle salvage yards require you to bring your vehicle to them to sell it or get parts from it. However, at 114 Auto Salvage, we offer free vehicle removal services so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of bringing your vehicle to us. We also offer free vehicle removal, so there are no hidden fees associated with our vehicle salvage services.

Vehicle Salvage Yards That Allow You To Drop Your Vehicle Off At The Yard

Most vehicle salvage yards in Boston allow you to drop off the vehicle in their yard. 114 Auto Salvage is no different. We allow you to drop off your vehicle at our yard, which is conveniently located right off of route 114.

Please call us at 978-396-2448 before heading to 114 Auto Salvage to receive cash for your junk vehicle. We will give you a quote over the phone when you call. We are open Monday through Friday, and our business hours are from 9 am- 6 pm. We occasionally stay open on Saturdays as well from 8 am-12 pm. Please schedule the time you are coming beforehand with the buyer on the phone.

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    Vehicle Salvage Yards Are Environmentally Friendly

    When you recycle vehicle parts, you’re doing your part to help the environment. All those vehicle fluids, batteries, and plastics can be recycled and reused, which cuts down on waste and pollution. So when you choose 114 Auto Salvage for your junk car needs, you can feel good knowing that you’re helping the environment as well. Most yards in the Boston area are eco-conscious like 114 Auto Salvage.

    Vehicle Salvage Yards May Sell Batteries

    Most salvage yards in the Boston Area often sell batteries. 114 Auto Salvage often has high-quality batteries ready for you to choose from. We ask that you just call us beforehand before you head to the lot so one of our yard workers can double-check if a specific battery is going to fit your car. When you call us at 978-396-2448 we need to know the year, make, and model of your car and the number of the battery that you need.
    Salvage Yards

    Vehicle Salvage Yards May Or May Not Accept Cars With No Title

    Not every vehicle salvage yard in the Boston area is willing to accept a car without a title. 114 Auto Salvage accepts any year, make and model without a title as long as we can prove that there are no liens on the vehicle and that the car does currently belong to you, a family member, or someone that permitted you to sell it.

    Vehicle Salvage Yards That Specialize In Vintage Cars

    If you’re looking for vehicle salvage yards that specialize in vintage cars, there are many options available. A lot of car enthusiasts love going to salvage yards to look for parts to fix vintage cars. 114 Auto Salvage does occasionally get vintage vehicles on the lot, so please give us a call on our main line at 978-396-2448. We will let you know if we have a part that you’re looking for or not.

    Vehicle Salvage Yards That Pickup Within 24 Hours

    Some salvage yards can pick up your vehicle within 24 hours. Some salvage yards take days to weeks to pick the car up. At 114 Auto Salvage, we offer free vehicle removal services and will typically pick up your vehicle within 24 hours. We understand that getting rid of an old vehicle can be a hassle, so we make it easy for you by coming to you and taking care of everything.

    Overall, choosing the right vehicle salvage yard is a matter of personal preference. Whether you need vehicle parts or vehicle removal services, there are many options available to you in the Boston area. Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for your vehicle and your needs. So do your research and find the vehicle salvage yard that’s right for you! If you do want your junk car removed within the next 24 hours, please call 114 Auto Salvage at 978-396-2448.

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