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A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal recycling is simply taking something “useless” and turning it into something of value. These days, scrap metal recycling services are widely available because scrap yard operators realize that scrap metal can be very valuable and save a lot of resources. Many people do not know that there is also a lot of monetary value in scrap metal, so they tend to scrap it without taking a look at the scrap recycling market. Scrap metal can be made into hundreds of different products, and it is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to make extra money. For example, if you have a car that no longer works anymore you can scrap it for cash to a junkyard like 114 Auto Salvage.
Here is a quick beginners guide on how scrap metal recycling works and why it’s important to know the in’s and outs for companies like 114 Auto Salvage so the business remains profitable and creates a more sustainable environment.

What Is Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal is anything that can be melted down and reformed to make something new. Many scrap metals are valuable enough for people to collect them in bulk and take them directly to scrap yards. Most scrap yards will buy scrap metal by the ton. On average, 114 Auto Salvage recycles more than 32 tons of scrap metal a day from cars.
114 Auto Salvage and other salvage companies are able to buy 
scrap cars for cash because a car is made out of many scrap metal parts. Even the most exotic cars are made out of scrap metal.


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Ferrous Vs. Non-Ferrous Metals

    The main few differences between ferrous and non- ferrous metals are that ferrous metals contain iron, while ferrous metals are more lightweight and don’t have iron in them. Ferrous metal can also rust because it has iron in it. An example of some ferrous metals found in cars are steel, cast iron, and titanium. Examples of non-ferrous metals found in cars are aluminum, copper, and lead. Ferrous metal are less valuable than non-ferrous metal because scrap yards make less money melting it down. Ferrous metal is heavier, more commonly found, and can corrode a lot easier than non ferrous metal. So, the more ferrous metal a scrap car has, the less cash you would receive for it from 114 Auto Salvage.

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    So How Exactly Do Scrap Yards Like 114 Auto Salvage Stay in Business by Selling Scrap Metal?

    Scrap metal recycling is becoming an increasingly popular business because scrap yards like 114 Auto Salvage buy scrap metal to turn into something new. Cars are made out of thousands of scrap metal pieces, so there is a large market for these materials. There are many businesses that need scrap metals to produce other products such as refrigerators, stoves , automobiles, ships and even planes. So if recycled properly, scrap metals are an infinitely renewable resource, which helps the economy and the environment. This is why most people are able to scrap their car for cash for good money.

    How Scrap Cars Get Sold For Cash

    Most scrap metal companies, 114 Auto Salvage included, will provide free scrap car removals when they purchase your car for cash. Many scrap yards even buy scrap cars by the ton which makes it extremely easy to find a scrap yard willing to pay top dollar for your car.
    In most cases, scrap yards like 114 Auto Salvage will scrap your car for cash faster than you could sell it yourself. Scrap yards will come to your property and remove your car in about 15-20 minutes, depending on the size of the vehicle. A scrap yard like 114 Auto Salvage will usually pay between $200-$2,000 or more cash for your scrap car. This all depends on the year, make, model and condition of the vehicle.
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    How Metals Are Processed at 114 Auto Salvage And Beyond

    The scrap yard usually recycles scrap metal by hand and crushes the major exterior of a car using a automatic bailing press, after any important or salvage able parts are taken off the car. Scrap yards do this because that way it is easier for them to sort scrap metals into different groups depending on their weight or type of scrap metal. 114 Auto Salvage scrap metal recycling employees are very experienced at removing doors, hoods, trunks and other scrap metal parts, so they get the job done quickly and efficiently.

    As a side note: If a junkyard does not remove the liquids from the scrap car before processing the metals, the car could explode when we crush it. This is because the liquids mix and create a very dangerous combustible gas called ammonia gas. 114 Auto Salvage scrap metal recycling employees must take proper precautions to remove all these fluids from scrap cars before we process them to avoid injury or death at our scrapyard.

    We then separate scrap metal by the grade. This means we sort scrap metal into ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. The scrap metal that we paid the most cash out for will most likely be in the non-ferrous category. After the scrap metal is separated, have a couple large trucks come to the scrap yard to haul scrap metal away. This scrap metal is sent to a few different places, such as scrap metal processing plants and scrap metal recycling facilities- the scrap metal is then turned into items like cars, appliances and even buildings. So when you scrap your car for cash you are not only helping a scrap yard, you are also helping yourself by getting a little extra pocket money and helping your local economy work towards sustainability.

    Bottom line: Scrap metal recycling is a huge industry in United States. 114 Auto Salvage is a scrap yard that will scrap your car for cash, recycle scrap metals and remove scrap cars from your property free of charge.
    If you are looking to scrap your car or buy a part in the Middleton MA area please visit 114 Auto Salvage scrap yard at or call 978-396-2448.

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