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7 Benefits of Recycling your Old Junk Car For Cash

Every year, people discard around 11 million cars in landfills throughout the United States. 114 Auto Salvage helps make that number a little bit smaller, and so do other salvage yards across the nation. We purchase junk cars for recycling and resale. We offer to Sell your junk car for cash, turn it into scrap metal and occasionally sell parts back to the market. 114 Auto Salvage’s goal is to help people get rid of their junk cars, giving them another life and helps free up space for newer models.
Recycling old junk cars is beneficial for the environment. It helps to conserve natural resources, reduce pollution and avoid excess use of energy. 114 Auto Salvage provides 100% free car pick up service for Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. There are so many benefits to recycling your junk car for cash rather than just letting it sit in your garage- here are seven major reasons why you should 
recycle your junk car.

1. Car Recycling Conserves Natural Resources

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The process of recycling a junk car uses about 70% less energy than the manufacturing of a new car from scratch. 114 Auto Salvage recycles your old junk car by turning it into scrap metal, which can be used in many applications such as appliances and other items that can help conserve natural resources. 114 Auto Salvage believes in saving our planet and reducing our carbon footprint by recycling old junk cars instead of throwing them away to pollute the environment.

2. Car Recycling Reduces Pollution

Recycling an old junk car reduces pollution by recycling the steel, aluminum, rubber and other metals that are found inside your vehicle.
Scrap vehicles that are recycled actually yield higher amounts of raw materials than most new cars that are similar in size.
Scrapping an average car generates about 300 pounds of steel and 800 lbs. of iron. So, selling a 
junk car for cash helps produce raw materials than help create new cars and other items such as appliances like refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, dryers and more.

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    3. Car Recycling Assists Salvaging Companies

    114 Auto Salvage knows that it is very difficult to find a buyer for your old junk car sitting in your backyard. That’s why our company buys cars in any condition, running or not.
    Selling your junk car for cash can help salvage companies such as ours buy back old cars and sometimes recycle parts, or salvage the whole car. This helps provide resources for fixing and building newer cars, and helps society as a whole by helping boost the economy and reduce the use of precious natural resources.

    4. Fewer Problems on the Roads

    Old junk cars can be dangerous to drive on the road. They are more likely to fail, break down or cause problems on the road due to faulty parts that could have been replaced if the car had been sold back when it was still in better condition.
    Replacing old cars on the road with newer models could help reduce problems associated with the increased amount of cars on the road. You are also less likely to have an accident. Even a small accident can cause your car insurance to go up significantly. So if your car seems to be showing it’s age more and more, it is best to give 114 Auto Salvage a call, we can provide the best cash offer for your junk car.

    5. Wildlife Protection

    Many animals are injured every year because of cars. Thousands of deer, bears, raccoons and other animals are killed because of vehicles running into them on the highway. Some animals, such as deer and bears can cause even more damage if you hit them. Even if you are a cautious driver, cars that are starting to break down can make it more likely for you to have an unexpected accident.
    If you want to protect these animals from harm, 
    selling your junk car for cash to 114 Auto Salvage can help reduce the number of wild animals being hit by cars, simply for the fact that there will be less dangerous cars on the road.

    sell old car for cash

    6. Reuse of Vehicle Parts

    Sometimes junk cars have certain parts that are better than others but can be too expensive to fix nonetheless. Depending on the year, mileage and durability of the car- sometimes major parts like the engine and transmission can be given to other cars with the same make and model, which in some cases can help you get more money for your vehicle. 114 Auto Salvage has experts that can check major parts of the car to make sure they are in working order.
    Additionally, studies have shown that when sold for scrap, the re-use of parts in cars is actually higher than the total number of new car sales. So, selling your junk car for cash actually can help the economy and environment tremendously.

    7. Junkyards Remove Environmentally Hazardous Fluids

    Old junk cars are more likely to have leaking oil, transmission fluid and other liquid that can be very hazardous if left in a backyard or side streets. When you get cash for your junk car from 114 Auto Salvage, we remove and safely dispose of all of the toxic fluids so the car is no longer polluting the environment.
    In conclusion, recycling an old car helps the environment by conserving natural resources and reducing pollution. The process of recycling a junk car also reduces the amount of problems on the roads, as well as giving salvage companies such as 114 Auto Salvage access to reusable materials from scrapped cars, so their parts can be made into newer cars. Additionally, the disposing of hazardous car fluids prevents pollution of the environment.
    Do any of these statements pertain to you? If so, call 
    114 Auto Salvage today at (978) 396-2448 to get cash for your old junk car.

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